Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide Lined Cyclones

KRAM Engineering (Pty) Ltd now supplies a wide range of Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide Cyclones. These cyclones consist of monolitnic cast silicon carbide parts bedded and cased in mild steel.

The current range of cyclones is relatively small but expands on a regular basis depending on customer requirements. The cyclones are supplied complete with various size spigots, vortex finders and overflow bends.


  • The first and obvious advantage is the lifetime expected from the Silicon Carbide Lined Cyclones. At Grootegeluk, a minimum lifetime of seven years is expected. This implicates a tremendous cost saving on yearly equipment purchases.
  • Secondly and possibly more important, a more constant high efficiency is sustained over a longer period, due to the fact that the Silicon Carbide Lined Cyclones wear uniformly i.e. the wavy pattern of wear that occurs in the conventional chrome casting cyclone is eliminated. After one year in operation at ISCOR Grootegeluk, The Silicon Carbide Lined Cyclone was still as smooth as when delivered, even in the Spigot area.
  • Silicon Carbide Lined Cyclones weigh approximately 60% less than conventional cast iron cyclones. This implicates easier and safer handling.
Typical Test Results
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