Epoxy Adhesive & Wearing Compounds

KRAM Engineering (Pty) Ltd supply a wide range of epoxy based compounds for different applications and temperature ranges. Epoxy resins are chemicals, which may be supplied as liquids, solids or solutions. When cured by mixing and reacting with a hardener, they are converted to solid thermoset materials used as coating or bonding agents for many materials such as steel, concrete, tiles, etc.

Cured epoxy resins possess an outstanding combination of properties including mechanical strength, heat resistance and flexibility, as well as good impact, corrosion wear and chemical resistance.

Epoxy wearing compounds consists of two parts epoxy resin systems containing a variety of highly abrasion resistant fillers such as Alumina ceramic, corundum or silicon carbide beads, which further enhances the wear resistance of the compound.

Surface preparation prior to applying either an epoxy adhesive or wearing compound is extremely important. Shotblasting to SA 2,5 prior to application is a basic requirement, and in most cases, a wire mesh anchor is required for epoxy wearing compounds.

Epoxy wearing compounds are used extensively for wear protection of pipe bends, pump casings, pulleys, chutes, launders, etc

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