Tung Grit Coatings

KRAM Engineering (Pty) Ltd supply and apply a range of locally developed Tungsten Carbide based wear coatings. Tung Grit consists of graded Tungsten Carbide Particles disseminated into a nickel bronze base and are used extensively on high wear areas such as screw conveyers, mixing paddles, scrapers, etc. The material is braze deposited with Oxy-Acetylene to form a continuous layer. The low melting point (+-880 °C) of the matrix simplifies application, especially in the field.

Tung Grit products are manufactured using an appropriate flux and can be applied, as supplied, to virtually any size or shape of component, and will bond to any mild alloy steel.

Technical Specifications

Standard Stock Grades:

  • Tung Grit 12 – 1-2mm Tungsten Carbide Particles
  • Tungsten 24 – 2-4mm Tungsten Carbide Particles
  • Tungsten 46 – 4-6mm Tungsten Carbide Particles

Cost Savings:
Tung Grit products increase the working life of components (up to 12 times) and outstanding benefits include:

  • Ruduced downtime
  • Reduced maintenance costs – Reduced replacement part costs
  • Improved operating efficiency

Cutting Applications:
Tung Grit is also supplied with sharp/blocky tungsten carbide grit for “cutting” applications where the excellent hardness of the tungsten carbide provides superior cutting performance.

Tung Grit Composite Tungsten Carbide Products

  1. Are manufactured in the form of rods for ease of application and to eliminate waste;
  2. Are manufactured from sorted and cleaned tungsten carbide feed stock to ensure maximum abrasion resistance, hardness and toughness;
  3. Are available with a wide range of tungsten carbide particle size options.


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