UHMWPE Rollers (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)

Technical Advantages

  • Extremely high impact strength (replaces all impact rolls)
  • Excellent abrasion resistant properties
  • Very low friction coefficient
  • Resistant to aggressive chemicals and corrosion
  • Anti-Static properties ensure zero build-up
  • Designed to ensure lower torque on inner bearings
  • Less deflection of idler shafts under load

Excellent Ingress Protection

  • Sealed bearing cavities (zero penetration of dust, water or other media)
  • Bearing cavities filled with grease
  • Can run underwater for extended periods of time
  • Perfect for load-out applications (Pier at sea level)


  • Will not cut a costly conveyor belt
  • Will not ignite a conveyor belt
  • Suitable for underground operation (SABS tested)
  • Anti Roll-back (Rollerbrake) optional


Specific solutions for your specific needs

  • Shaft and idler diameters to suit any application
  • Unique bearing arrangements for different applications
  • Combination of seal types for extreme applications
  • Sealed end caps manufactured from 30% glass filled nylon for strength and impact absorption
  • Electronic tracking possible with optional sealed transponder and software

Low Cost of ownership

  • Longer intervals between maintenance reduce downtime of conveyors significantly
  • Lasts on average 4 times longer than normal steel rolls, resulting in a direct product cost saving of more than 250%
  • Huge cost savings over longer periods
  • Ultra-long life in even the most severe applications
  • Stock holding reduced, as can also be used as impact idlers
  • Lasts more than 5 times longer than standard Polyethylene rolls

Proven track record

  • Proven results in all major industries
  • Already in use on various mines and ports with excellent results


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