Tung Genia Coatings

KRAM Engineering (Pty) Ltd supply and apply a range of Tungsten Carbide wear coatings. Tung Genia is an extremely durable protective coating comprising a dense mass of ultra hard tungsten carbide embedded in a tungsten nickel chromium alloy. The product is needed extensively in high wear applications such as crusher balls, augers, mixer paddles, screens, scrapers and fans.

A New Concept of Hard Surfacing
Tung Genia, a Technogenia innovation, designates a new generation of welding products for hard surfacing as a protection against wear, with very high performance levels. Tung Genia breaks with a tradition of over 50 year duration, whereby manual application required short rigid welding rods, but it introduces a considerable “plus factor” by providing tiny grains of melted tungsten carbide.
With this new production of grains, Tung Genia has truly brought “high tech” into the hard surfacing industry.
The production of tiny grains of tungsten carbide, melted by a revolutionary process, and its use in Tung Genia, is the fruit of a Technogenia research effort that has been going on patiently for 5 years. The hardness of these grains is extremely high (Vickers hardness numbers from 3000 to 4000), and the spherical form confers to these particles an astonishing degree of impact strength & abrasion resistance.

Technical Characteristics

Tung Genia is a flexible length, consisting of a thick composition made up of grains of cast tungsten carbide with a high grade Ni alloy, held around a core of pure, small diameter Ni wire. The increase in flexibility allowed by Tung Genia is the object of a registered patent belonging to Technogenia.


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